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SW Facilitators Practice Group

First meeting of the UK SW Facilitators Practice Group


On 15 April 2013 the first meeting of the UK SW Facilitators Practice Group (PFG) took place in Bristol.  The growing demand for facilitation has generated a need for experienced and aspiring facilitators to grow and develop the skills and techniques needed to help businesses resolve issues and develop strategies for the future.


This first meeting saw members demonstrate graphic based visualisation techniques to an audience and then get them to practice them in a safe environment before providing feedback.  Each facilitator benefitted from this exchange of views and agreed that it was a day worth repeating in the near future

The first time i watched this I smiled; the second time I cried; the third time I welled up the fourth time I smil…
What is your level of emotional commitment?
Leave your #ego at the door #leadership #wisdom sometimes arrives unexpectedly.