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    Testimonial from Clark Holt – Commercial Solicitors

    Graham came to us highly recommended by one of our key suppliers as someone who would be able to assist key partners develop their leadership skills and behaviours. We held a very productive first meeting and immediately recognised he had the knowledge, experience, and skill, at the executive level,... Read More

    Dance the Tango with your Team

    Leadership lessons from dancing the Tango... Read More

    How long does it take to train a new manager?

    If you look for New Manager Training using Google you will be faced with a choice of over 400 million links.  The course length of the 25 highest ranked providers of New Manager Training indicate that: more than 60% of the courses advertised are completed within 3 days. 16% of the courses extend to... Read More

    Routes 2 Success – business Facebook page launched today

    I have decided to ‘get to grips’ with Social Media rather than avoid it.  So today I have launched the Routes 2 Success business page on Facebook.  Grateful for any positive feedback you care to offer.  Content will be added soon. – Graham... Read More

    Facilitation – Practitioner Level

    I am pleased, and somewhat relieved, to announce that I have just passed the APMG Facilitation Practitioner exam at the required level to qualify as a trainer. This means that I will be delivering this 5 day course for Explosive Learning Solutions. This fantastic course equips managers and executive... Read More

    Facilitation Training – APMG Course in Demand

    Next week in conjunction with Explosive Learning Solutions the second APMG Facilitation Foundation Course will be run at their premises on the Harwell, Oxfordshire.  The topic and the course are gaining recognition and credibility and the delegates for this session are predominantly from the commer... Read More

    Recommended Reading – Eat that Frog | Personal Coaching

    I believe that I was an Olympic standard procrastinator!  I could find displacement activity in the Sahara desert.  That was until I read “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracey.  Once I picked it up I could not put it down and since then I have got so much more done.   Improve Your Pers... Read More

    Forces Coaching and Mentoring Network

    Together with Rod Small we have launched a LinkedIn group – Forces Coaching and Mentoring Network (FCMN).   Our initial aim is to establish a network that will enable us to discuss Coaching and Mentoring issues that are relevant to the wider forces community.  In the near future we hope ... Read More

    Even bosses need coaching

    The Sunday Times Appointments section ran an article on 28 April 2013 that stated that “…the strongest companies are the ones that develop their staff – even when they get to the top.”   The author quotes a former senior executive from Goldman Sachs Group as saying that ... Read More

    SW Facilitators Practice Group

    First meeting of the UK SW Facilitators Practice Group   On 15 April 2013 the first meeting of the UK SW Facilitators Practice Group (PFG) took place in Bristol.  The growing demand for facilitation has generated a need for experienced and aspiring facilitators to grow and develop the skills a... Read More

    Check out my latest article: Would you trust a horse to run your company? via @LinkedIn
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    Come Netwalking with Routes 2 Success in Fairford. Starting at 7am at the car park near St Mary's church and finish…