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Change Management

All organisations regardless of their size are finding it increasingly necessary to deal with and understand the impact of change.  The fundamental issues associated with any change programme, be it small or big, are evident at a number of levels:  individual; team; organisation; and leadership.


Routes2Success can design, deliver, and support change programmes that will encourage, influence and motivate people to move positively through what can be a stressful process.


Graham Dawson is an accredited Change Management practitioner with extensive experience in managing change programmes in the public and private sector.  He has led, delivered and supported small, large and  complex change programmes over the past 20 years.


At the individual level it is essential to address the different ways that people deal with change and understand how best to motivate them to feel positive and understand the benefits of the process.


It is also important to recognise that the individuals role within a team will influence their behaviour and approach to the change programme.


At the highest level of organisational change that demand different ways of working, different values and changes in culture success can only be achieved by a comprehensive and detailed approach that Routes2Success can help deliver.


There is no single template solution for change as the history and characteristics of the organisation determine the readiness, pace and extent of the change programme.


Routes2Success help you analyse and identify a range of options that will ensure your change programme is successful.