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The use of facilitation is an increasingly important part of business life, since a collaborative approach to working is widely recognised as the most effective way to make decisions, capture requirements, plan projects and gain consensus.


The focus is on a team-based approach, with the right people and skills being brought together to produce high quality outputs in a short time. In order to do this successfully, a trained facilitator is essential.


There is a growing demand for a more inclusive style of leadership that asks questions, engages people and encourages participation in the key decisions made by companies and organisations.

The wider involvement of staff in the decision making process results in greater ownership and commitment to the outcome.  This inevitably delivers improved moral and financial rewards.


Skilled facilitators working alongside executive and management teams will help to:


  • Identify issues
  • Resolve problems
  • Encourage productive interaction
  • Develop accurate and achievable objectives
  • Define the scope of change projects
  • Encourage contributions
  • Engage stakeholders


Routes2Success is able to offer a powerful blend of facilitation and change management skills and services that will help organisations deliver outcomes in an effective, timely and constructive way that won’t compromise on key issues.


In addition Graham is the lead trainer on the APMG accredited Facilitation Skills course run by Explosive Learning Solutions.


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