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Testimonial from Clark Holt – Commercial Solicitors

Graham came to us highly recommended by one of our key suppliers as someone who would be able to assist key partners develop their leadership skills and behaviours. We held a very productive first meeting and immediately recognised he had the knowledge, experience, and skill, at the executive level, we were looking for.

We were very confident in his ability to design a leadership and motivation programme to be delivered over a period of three months including group and individual sessions.  He quickly recognised there were strategic and operational elements to be addressed and adjusted his coaching and mentoring to meet the group and individual needs.  Our demanding internal and external commitments frequently tested his flexibility and he adjusted the programme smoothly and efficiently at short notice.

In a very short time, he became a trusted advisor to everyone on the programme. His generic and specific advice continues to deliver great benefit to the company.  There is no doubt that he will be our first choice to help us in the future for motivational and leadership coaching and mentoring.

I have no hesitation in recommending him for similar work in any other organisation and would willingly provide a written or verbal testimonial if requested. – Jeremy Holt, Senior Partner